1944 Established Osaka Seiki in Osaka.

Changed corporate name to Osaka Seika Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Urgent challenge faced in the resin field was the stabilization of polyolefin synthetic resin and polypropylene, in particular. (to counter deterioration; sensitive to light)

1955 Began research on Benzophenone UV absorbers at Osaka Seika Kogyo.
1966 Established SHIPRO KASEI KAISHA, LTD. (Capital: 10 million yen, President: Susumu Shiraishi)
Constructed Uozumi Plant in Akashi, Hyogo.
Started the production and the sales of Benzophenone UV absorbers.

Placed “SEESORB” series, UV absorbers for polyvinyl chloride and synthetic resin, on the market.
1968 Succeeded in developing antioxidants and started production and sales.
1969 Placed the antioxidant “SEENOX” series on the market.
1978 Acquired Osaka Seika Kogyo and expanded the lineup of UV absorbers.
1979 Increased SHIPRO KASEI’s capital to 20 million yen.

Constructed Futami Plant and closed Uozumi Plant.

1989 Purchased 49,500m² of land in the industrial park “Technoport Fukui” in Fukui prefecture and established Organet Chemical. (Capital: 10 million yen)

Began operation of Organet Chemical plant.

3 companies started operations together. (SHIPRO KASEI, Osaka Seika Kogyo and Organet Chemical)

1992 Increased SHIPRO KASEI’s capital to 35 million yen.
1995 Acquired ISO 9002 certification. (Certificate No. JCQA-0076)

Merger of SHIPRO KASEI and Osaka Seika Kogyo with Organet Chemical. Organet Chemical changed its corporate name to SHIPRO KASEI on the same day. Closed Futami Plant and Osaka Seika Kogyo Plant. Became one company and one plant.

Started leasing the land of the former Osaka Seika Kogyo factory site to Round ONE Corporation, which operates indoor leisure complexes, such as bowling alleys and amusement facilities.

Decreased capital to 24.15 million yen through the dissolution of cross-held shares.

2002 Acquired ISO 14001 certification. (Certificate No. JCQA-E-0370)

Increased capital to 48.3 million yen.
2003 Appointed Yasuaki Shiraishi as president.

Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification. (Certificate No. JCQA-0076)
2004 Increased capital to 96.6 million yen.
2005年 Additional purchase of 16,500m² of land in the industrial park “Technoport Fukui” in Fukui prefecture.

Completed construction of new building in plant premises (office and lab)

2009 Acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification. (Certificate No. JCQA-0076)
2013 Acquired OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. (Certificate No. JCQA-O-0080)

Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of SHIPRO KASEI.